This week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays was hosted by Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures.  I’ve always enjoyed reading her blog (and not just because she spells her name like me!).  This week’s recipe was Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler Pie.  Rhubarb is big in Minnesota, and a spring/summer staple around our house.  I first had it about 10 years ago at my friend’s parent’s house when they made a very quick, very delicious rhubarb crisp made from rhubarb plucked straight from their yard.  I’d never had rhubarb before and loved the fact that you could make something so delicious from a weed growing out of your flower beds.  I took some freshly cut stalks home with me that night and have held an appreciation for home grown food since then.  My grandparents were gardeners, growing typical Italian produce.  I was too young (and not yet a foodie) to fully appreciate the abundance of tomatoes and peppers that was available, but fondly remember getting together at their house to can the tomatoes and hot peppers.  This is actually something that I’ve started to do (with the help of my mom), though it’s tough to find bushels of roma tomatoes in Minnesota!

Pile of strawberries and rhubarb

As the weather turns warmer we are starting to plant our own garden.  Last year we planted some rhubarb that is slowly starting to reach the stage where we can pick it and enjoy it.  Rhubarb, like asparagus, has as 1 season grow period so we couldn’t touch it last year.  I hope we have a large crop this year, because this cobbler pie will be made again!  My only issue with it (and I have this problem with every fruit pie) is that the juices didn’t thicken up as well as I would have liked.  It likely required more baking time, though I did bake it for the entire 1 hour and 10 minutes, or more corn starch.  The taste was excellent and paired nicely with some vanilla bean ice cream.

juices bubbling - fresh out of the oven

Go check out Tracey’s blog.  She has the recipe posted, or if you have the Sweet Melissa Baking Book the recipe is in there.  Thanks Tracey for this very seasonal pick!

this morning's breakfast - straight out of the pie plate!