In September 2008 my mom gave me her old new sewing machine (she preferred her older one) after she moved out of her house in Ohio.  I, an avid knitter who always said “knitters make the fabric with their hands, sewers just use a machine to sew the fabric together”, really took to sewing.  So instant!  So gratifying!  So unlike knitting!  The exception to this instant gratification of sewing for me is quilting.  I much prefer throwing together a little wristlet or pillow than carefully selecting fabric, cutting the pieces out, sewing the pieces back together and then, then, you have to make a back, sandwich that together with a layer of batting, sew the sandwich together and put a binding on.  Exhausting!  Plus, I have no patience.  But, I love the look and feel of quilts and the idea of making something so comforting.  (Not that a purse does not give you comfort…)  The first quilt I made, with a lot of help, was froma Kaffe Fasset kit my mom gave me.  This took out the need to choose fabrics on my own, which I think was the point.  I learned to piece squares, and hopefully get the corners to match up.  My mom helped me quilt it (by helped, I mean she quilted it!) and put the binding on.  Then she left.  I was on my own with a sewing machine.  Not quite knowing where to start, I dragged my friend to a quilt fair with me.  She is a knitter also, so I was really hoping there would be some yarn around to make the trip worth while for her.  We came across the Crafty Planet booth (I’ve mentioned before how much I adore Crafty Planet!)  where they were selling 1 yard cuts and fat quarters (and yarn too!).  I picked out a bunch of Amy Butler prints, and some other unidentified prints.

Amy Butler prints

After a few more trips to Crafty Planet I had enough fabric to make a quilt! And had spend a small fortune…

Perfect for a chilly spring morning!

I pieced it on my own, waited for my mom to get back into town and she quilted it for me.  I only have made 4 quilts ever, this one being number 2, but I can already tell where I went wrong in choosing the fabric.  This pattern needed fabric with small prints and a very, very subtle background.  I thought my polka-dots were subtle enough, but I find them distracting.  I do still find this quilt very pleasing.  I love the colors, and the backing.

Amy Butler backing

On an unrelated note, I’d like to mention how thrilled and honored I am to have my quilt featured on the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog as a Quilt of the Day!  So. Exciting.  If you’re finding me from their website – welcome!  When they emailed me to ask if they could feature that quilt (duh! of course you can!) it motivated me to start posting more and to take more pictures of projects I have done.  Thank you Kristin and the Sew, Mama, Sew! team!