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I know it seems all I talk about anymore is the Market Fest but it really is all I have going on lately!  I’ve been sewing so much, trying to build up inventory, that I’m starting to dream about sewing.  It’s like when I used to play a lot of Tetris and all I’d be able to think about day and night were various Tetris combinations and shapes.  There are certain games that do that to me and I’m always going through some sort of game obsession.  The iPhone only enables this addiction.  Anyway, now  I’m putting together coffee cozies and purses in my sleep!  Last night was our second week and we did a lot better than we did the first night despite being shut down for an hour because of a storm.   It energized me to get back to the sweat shop and start making more bags!  We debuted our new wristlet clutch and sold one of them!

Wristlet Clutch

They’re really fun to make and quick to put together.  I’m excited to pick out new fabric combinations and maybe make one with a longer strap to hold under your arm as my friend Melissa suggested.  Though I’d have to call that one an armlet, wouldn’t I?!?


We were approved to have a booth at Market Fest and will start on Wednesday.  Yay!  We’ve been working our butts off trying to get enough inventory for the next several weeks.  Check the flickr photo stream on the left side bar for an example of what we’ll be selling.  Not photographed yet are some market bags my mom designed that I believe will be a huge seller.  Stay tuned for updated photos.  Hope to see you on Wednesday!

Love this bag...Might have to keep it for myself!

Love this bag...Might have to keep it for myself!

ETA – Sold this bag on our first night!  Of course it was when I left our booth – as I was walking back I saw some girl walking away with my bag!  Such a thrill!

It is looking pretty hopeful that I will have a booth at the Eagan Market Fest this year.  The season started on July 1, so I’m late to the party, but I will hopefully (fingers crossed!) be up and running for Family Night on July 15.  All of this means that we here at Tray-Tray Enterprises have a lot of work to get done.  I’m off to the sweat shop…

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