fresh peaches

Submitting late this week since we spent the long weekend at our cabin in Wisconsin.  Lots of boating, drinking, cooking and eating.  It was a great weekend!

Rebecca of Beurrista chose this very summery pie this week – perfect for July 4th!  This pie was delicious.  In an effort to save time I need to admit that I used Pillsbury pie crust.  Why mess with perfection?  Their crust always works out.  Plus, being a Minnesota girl I feel the need to support Betty Crocker…buy local! 😉 (I realize the pie crust is likely made in some plant in Louisville, KY or somewhere not at all close to Minnesota – let me make my own justifications)

The filling came together in a jiff, and called for a very unlikely ingredient, ground tapioca pearls.  I substituted tapioca flour since I do not have a coffee grinder dedicated to just spices and really didn’t want coffee flavored fruit pie.  I really thought this would be the secret ingredient to prevent a juicy fruit pie.  Not totally, but it certainly wasn’t the same mess as my last attempt at fruit pies.


The pie bakes for a really long time, 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I was nervous about it browning too quickly, so I checked mine after an hour.  It was rather dark so I added foil to the crusts just to be safe.  I also can’t leave well enough alone and took it out after 1 hour and 30 minutes.  The juices were bubbling and it looked like it might set up.  It was a bit messy when we cut into it, but not terrible.  Next time I will leave it for the whole cooking time.

freshly baked

We cut into this pie well after dark, so I didn’t get any pictures of it sliced open.  I can tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed this pie.  My friend deemed it her favorite dessert ever and thought about the pie all weekend long.  Surprisingly, there is one slice left…I think I might finish it off!

Thanks Rebecca for this amazing and well timed selection.  Check out her blog for the recipe or buy the Sweet Melissa Baking Book.  Also, check out the SMS bakers list to see other examples of this pie.