Wow.  This week’s recipe was a disaster for me!  First, I was unable to find unsalted pistachios.  I was running out of time and couldn’t visit more grocery stores (or make it to Whole Foods where I suspect they had the unsalted nuts in bulk…) so I went with the variation on the recipe and purchased unsalted hazelnuts.  Then the SEEDLESS raspberry jam became hard to find, but eventually I managed to find a jar.  The seeds would have bugged me, so I was hell-bent on finding seedless.  The dough came together quickly in the food processor, which I LOVE.  I chilled it for the recommended hour while I made  different cookie dough to bring to an after school event at my daughter’s school (more on this later).  Since I’m not really a hazelnut fan, I decided not to crush more hazelnuts and roll the cookies in them, but I do like a meringue-y texture to cookies (reminiscent of these Swiss Meringue Horns I make my mom make for Christmas each year – delish) so I did roll the balls into egg whites.  I’m not sure if this is where I went wrong or not….


This happened to EVERY cookie ball.  I thought maybe I could salvage a few, but nope.  I tried letting them warm up a bit and they were still a crumbling mess.  I decided life is too short for frustrating cookies and dumped the whole thing in the trash.  It was a very disappointing recipe, to say the least.

To see some successes – check out the other SMS bakers. And if, even after this rousing endorsement you feel compelled to make these cookies, visit Tracey’s blog (not me) for the recipe. Visit her blog anyway, she’s always up to some deliciousness.