Sorry for such a long absence!  Summers around here are usually pretty busy and three days of the week are spent at our cabin with no internet access.  I do plenty of cooking and baking, but very little documenting.  We had a great summer.  Beautiful weather, a lot of late days on the lake, and late nights on the deck.  We can’t wait for next summer to do it all again, but for now are enjoying what has so far been a very gorgeous, yet very busy fall.

For this week’s Sweet Melissa selection JoVonn of the Givens Chronicles chose Sweet Melissa’s Peanut Brittle.  I love peanut brittle and have never made it before.  I actually kind of like making candy, though it does terrify me a little bit.  I just have this thing against getting burned, even little minor finger tip burns freak me out.  I successfully managed to make this brittle without incident, and found the recipe to be quite easy.

I was in the mood for some fall flavors, so I added 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice and replaced 2 TBS of the butter with 2 TBS of canned pumpkin puree.  I think the pumpkin made the brittle a bit chewier than normal and the pumpkin pie spice gave it a nice kick.


I love the orange color of this brittle.

Great selection, JoVonn!  Please visit her blog for the recipe and check out what the other Sweet Melissa bakers made this week!