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This week’s Sweet Melissa Sunday selection was chosen by Gloria of The Ginger Snap Girl.  She appropriately chose gingersnaps!  The timing of this recipe could not have been better.  My brother was in town and is a huge fan of gingersnaps.

These cookies had great flavor.  They were chewy, which disappointed me since I like the crunch of gingersnaps that come in a box, or a bag.  Those are so crunchy they hurt my mouth (in a good way) but I think that’s hard to replicate with fresh baking.  My brother, the true ginger snap connoisseur, loved them!  He probably ate 2/3 of the batch on his own!

This is all that was left of the cookies!

These cookies bake up flat and I think would really benefit from some icing.  Or sandwich some fluffy frosting between two of them!   These would be a perfect addition to a Christmas cookie exchange.

Please visit this post for the recipe.  Thanks Gloria for your very timely selection!

Visit the Sweet Melissa Sundays bakers list to see what everyone else did with this recipe.

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