This past weekend my step-daughter had a slumber party at our house to celebrate her 10th birthday.  Being the type of people who like to cook, ordering pizza was not for us, though it certainly would have made for a much easier party!  We have a pizza stone that goes straight on the grill and creates that nice, crisp crust you’d find from a wood burning oven.  My husband and I really have the pizza making process down to a science – and it’s a crowd favorite summer after summer.

grilled pizza

We had the girls each make their own pizza.  My pizza dough recipe (made in the bread machine – so easy!) makes enough for 4 medium to large sized pizzas, so for the personal size I divided the dough into smaller (5 oz) portions.  We spread out corn meal on our counter, set the rolled out dough on the corn meal and let them have at it!

pepperoni pizza

The girls had a blast – and it really went with our (unintentional) DIY theme.  We had them decoorate their own picture frames (and took a super cute picture of them with chocolate mustaches to put in the frames!), and my daughter and I made them each a pillowcase – more to come on both of these items.

My go-to pizza dough recipe is from The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook – an excellent book if you like to use your bread machine.