I’m a huge fan of this book and the fact that it was written by the women of my favorite fabric/yarn shop in Mpls makes it even sweeter.  The patterns I have made have been easy to follow, easily adaptable and have always turned out well.

Scrunchie Bag from One-Yard Wonders

I’ve made the Scrunchi Bag pattern a few times as gifts for friends.  This pattern is great, though best if you use a non-directional fabric.  I had to turn my already cut fabric to make it work and thus ended up with a taller, skinnier bag.  No harm done.  I did the same thing on the second bag I made (seriously, rats learn faster…) but both end products turned out beautifully.  As I do with most patterns in this book, I used a different fabric for the lining to add contrast.  I did the same thing with the Yoga Mat Bag pattern –

Yoga Mat Bag - One-Yard Wonders

This pattern was the first time I used elastic and I’m hooked!  Elastic is so much fun to work with and that is partially why I chose the Scrunchi Bag pattern to make versus some of the other great looking purse patterns in the book.

They are doing a second One-Yard Wonders, with the new one focusing less on cotton quilt weight fabrics and more on other types of fabrics.  I’m intersted in seeing what that one will be like, since I tend to use other fabrics as accents to the quilting weight fabric.  But until that book is out I’m going to plow through this one, looking for more great ideas and patterns.  Now, if only I didn’t have to work all weekend and could be at home with my sewing machine!